Mur De Rries 2.0

Mur De Rires 2.0 was the full release of the Mur De Rires site. We again wanted to structure it like the first, with a sense of vibe and colour, but including a serious element as well. In this version we achieved this with vertical display format that included galleries and options for future Mur De Rires projects as the organisation continues to grow.

Melbourne City Apartment

Melbourne City Apartment was a project we created by building a website around the apartment. The site is created around a large scale image of the apartment's interior and it is structured like the apartment building itself. It also incorporates mobile access in the same style as the mainframe site, to spread the information further.

March Mobile

March Mobile was project targeted specifically at mobile platforms, so we deigned a site that could be viewed by a device of any width and rotation. A classic divide and conquer design technique was incorporated to create the easiest, smoothest experience possible for the user.

12 Skins

The 12 Skins site was created to reflect a journey and it was built for group member's personal use. We aimed to create a site that incorporated aspects of the group's voyage and allowed the group members to share photos and experiences with other travellers´┐Ż participating on the journey.

Mur De Rires 1.0

Mur De Rires 1.0 was our first international project. We wanted to reach out to the target audience with something fun and engaging, but also having serious backing at the same time. This was similar to the Mur De Rires Project goal, as was the way we decided to display many faces of smiles in the site to reflect the project's form in the non-virtual world.